Japanese Voted The Best Tourists

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Expedia surveyed 4,000 hotel proprietors internationally asking them who they would prefer to stay in their hotels.

Japanese, who were voted by hoteliers as the world’s best tourists in a global travel survey released this month.

It also rated the travellers on categories that included manners, willingness to learn the local language and sample the cuisine, tidiness, generosity and stylishness.

Here is the list of top 10 overall travellers according to the survey:

1. Japanese

2. British/Germans

3. Canadians

4. Swiss

5. Dutch

6. Australians/Swedes

7. Belgians

8. Norwegians

9. Austrians/Danes/Finnish

10. New Zealanders

Americans rated 11th on the list but most generous.

for more of this article go to eTurboNews. Thanks to Alan Lew of Travelography for pointing this article out.

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