Travel News – Copying the Taj Mahal, Avoiding The Gulf of Aden

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taj-mahalSay what? This story had me scratching my head.

Will a replica of India’s Taj Mahal in Bangladesh also draw tourists?

Tourists from around the world can now opt for which Taj Mahal to visit: the original in India, or its replica in Bangladesh. After work started in 2003, a life-size replica structure of the original Taj Mahal, located 30km northeast of Dhaka, is now almost ready to open its doors to tourists.

If you are a cruise ship operator then the nightmare scenario and the stuff of made-for-TV movies has to be pirates taking over your cruise ship and holding their passengers hostage. Cruise operators who cannot avoid the Gulf of Aden are taking precautions to avoid that scenario.

Cruise ship will evacuate to avoid pirate attack

A German cruise ship plans to evacuate passengers in Yemen and fly them to the next port of call Wednesday to avoid any possible encounters with pirates off the coast of lawless Somalia.

Several other cruise operators said Tuesday they were also shifting or canceling tours that would have taken clients past Somalia, as nations and companies around the world debated how to confront the piracy dominating the Gulf of Aden.

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