Travel Related Twitter Hashtags

If you want to follow the travel conversation on Twitter there are some hashtags you should know about.

What’s a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a mechanism invented by the twitter community to make it easier to find content. To use a hashtag like travel just add #travel to the end of your tweet. To search for content using a hashtag search from using the search at the top of the page for #travel.

Most Useful Travel Hashtags

  • #travel – this is the most common travel hashtag. Lots of travel content will have this.
  • #’country’ – Look for content about isreal with #israel, spain with #spain, etc
  • #’city’ – Look for content about a particular city like paris with #paris, rome with #rome
  • #’airport’ – Some city names are long so occasionally you will see people use #LAX instead of #LosAngeles (or #LA) and #SFO for #SanFrancisco (sometimes also #SF).

Travel Chats

Sometimes travelers get together for a chat. The way this usually works is one person puts out 10 questions over the course of an hour with a specific hashtag. A popular chat is #TNI or Traveler’s Night In. The first question would be something like:

Q1. What’s your favorite Beach in the World? #tni

When you respond use A1. in your response, or better yet use both A1 and Q1 like this:

A1. The best beach is the Baths on Virgin Gorda Q1. What’s your favorite Beach in the World? #tni

popular chats include:

  • #sbtc – (Sunday brunch travel chat) Sunday at 12noon ET  hosted [email protected]
  • #girlstravel – Monday at 2pm ET –  hosted by @MrsO,[email protected] others
  • #travelpics Monday at 3pm ET
  • #TTOT – Travel Talk On Twitter – Tuesday at both 9:30am and 9:30pm (GMT), 5 questions, hosted by @TravelBlggr or @TravelDudesmore info
  • #CruiseChat – Tuesday 2-3pm ET – hosted by @CruiseBuzz and @AvidCruiser
  • #NUTS – Not-so Usual Therapy Session – Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm ET – hosted by @McMedia or @RickGriffin, more info
  • #wegosolo – Wednesday at 11am EST  hosted by Mary Ellen of @BreatheDreamGo
  • #ratw – Wed at noon EST
  • #Expediachat – Wednesday 1:30pm EST, hosted by @spencerspellman – more info
  • #TNI – Traveler’s Night In – 3:30pm-5 ET on Thursdays, 10 questions, hosted by @ZipSetGo – more info
  • #TourismChat – Thursdays 3pm ET – hosted by @TourismChat or  @decillis @WhosYourAnnie more info
  • #jsett – Thursday 1:30 EST
  • #TravelSkills – Fridays, 12 noon ET hosted by @johnnyjet  and @cjmcginnis, more info
  • #italyChat – Wednesday 3pm ET, hosted by @dreamofitaly
  • #LuxChat – Luxury Travel Chat – 3rd Wednesday  5:30pm ET  – hosted by @LuxeTiffany or @LuxChat, more info
  • #TTOM – Traveling Moms – Monday  9-10pm EST, hosted by @TravelingMoms
  • #TMUChat – Technology & Marketing University  – 4th Wednesdays 1pm ET – more info
  • Special Days

Certain days of the week various travelers put out themed content. Some of these have themes and some don’t

Other Hashtags

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