Trends That Will Rule the Travel Universe in 2013

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Hobbiton, Matamata

Visiting Movie-Locales:

Who would let go of a chance to be at the place where their favorite movie was filmed? Not me, definitely. I would trade anything for a trip to the Hobbiton in New Zealand which has already seen a tremendous spike in tourist visits since The Hobbit hit the theaters. Similarly after the release of Lincoln tours are popping up in key cities such as Washington DC retracing Lincoln’s steps and revealing historically rich locations. Similarly the movie Life of Pi will draw travelers to the undisclosed locations of India as well as parts of Taiwan.

Eastern Europe:

Oh yes! Finally, Europe has managed to shed some limelight on its Eastern part and more travelers this year will be traveling to the well-hidden countries like Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Latvia and more. I know; I know that the popularity of the evergreen cities Paris and Rome will never wane but Eastern Europe is all decked up to display some awe-inspiring locations to travelers who want to take up the road less trotted. So, rather than cursing yourself later for being too late, smarten up and book your tickets to some lovely country in Eastern Europe.

Cruise to Exotic Destinations:

Hello, cruise to the Caribbean is so yesterday! 2013 brings the trend to visit seldom visited shorelines of India, Africa and the Middle East. And the response from the cruise industry is very well too. Popular cruise companies such as Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean have added more exhilarating destinations on their schedule than ever before. So for all the lovers of cruising, this year has brought some really good news.


Foraged Cuisine:

Wondering what in the name of God does that mean? Well, that is what I am here for. Foraging is the process of going out, searching for delicious edible wild food and then cooking it to highlight their unique flavors. It’s a step-up from farm-to-fork dining and every bit as organic and refreshing as you would like it to be. This all started at the award-winning Copenhagen restaurant Noma in 2011 and has since then been a hot idea. Say your goodbye to pesticide-sprayed food because now is the time to go organic.

Self-Catering Vacation Rentals:

Gone are the days when you had to burn holes in your pockets for staying in those dingy, over-priced hotels. Trends of 2013 show vacationers seeking accommodations through sites like Airbnb and VRBO. They allow you to rent self-catering apartments directly from the owner which is receiving thumbs up from travelers worldwide. Doesn’t the idea of staying at a home when you are away from your home seem enticing? What’s more is that you get all this at unbelievably cheap rates.

Immaculate Pristine Beaches:

If you frown at the sights of those over-crowded and rowdy beach scenes of Thailand and Laos, then Philippines will be paradise to you. Here you will find numerous islands which are secluded and where you can have the entire island to yourself. Palawan region is trending high up in 2013 so booking tickets there wouldn’t be unwise. But make it soon or you might find tourist hordes there too. I, however, can do with a few more full moon parties in Thailand. *winks*


This is not a comprehensive list but some of the hot favorite trends of 2013. I would love to hear if anyone of you would like to make any additions.


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by Sophie Wilson

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