Work and Travel Around the World – Episode 194

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Lisa Lubin of LLWorldTour about her round the world trip which extended from a year to a two and a half year odyssey and a nomadic lifestyle. Lisa talks about her trip but also talks about the various jobs she worked along the way. Why would an Emmy winning TV producer want to work in a coffee shop in Australia, teach English in Germany, become a research assistant in Germany and do PR for a company in Spain?

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Show Notes

Lisa’s trip blog – LLWorldTour
Surf’s up, dude. – surfing and studying Spanish in Costa Rica
The Second City, Australian-Style
“Sandwich Shop Dropout”
Tour du Vietnam
Snapshot: Istanbul
ESP (English for Speciality Purposes)
“And then they told two friends. And so on. And so on…”
Mona Lisa
Lost in Translation?
Pueblo Inglés
El Pueblo Ingles – Notes from Spain Podcast 55
Habla Inglés??
Surf’s up, Dude!
The French are Nice…Really!

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Thomas from Austria

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