Staycation – Being A Tourist In Your Own Town

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Tourists in NYC

Many people believe that in order to have a good vacation, they need to leave town and visit a new location. They feel that the town or city that they live in is boring – there’s nothing new to do or see. For some people living in small towns, this may be true. But for the millions of people who live in big cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, this isn’t true. Just because you’ve spent the last twenty years living in a big city doesn’t mean you’ve discovered everything it has to offer. It’s a sad but true fact that residents of big cities tend to forget about the tourism opportunities in their own town. Here are some tips on how to be a tourist in your own town.

1. Taking a tour is a great way to feel like a tourist. Most tourist cities have a variety of tours available in the form of bus tours, bicycle tours, walking tours and even segway tours! Some tours, granted, are incredibly cheesy (such as those tours in Los Angeles where they take you around to famous actors’ purported houses) but what kind of resident are you if you’ve never experienced what millions of other eager tourists have willingly shelled out money for? It’s definitely a fun part of the tourism experience. On a more serious note, there are plenty of tours that cater to a classier crowd interested in things like history, good restaurants and architecture.

2. Don’t assume that you know everything there is to know about your town. Ask friends and family for tourist tips – you may be surprised to find there are places you have never even heard of. And even if you have heard of a tourist attraction but have dismissed it for some reason, keep an open mind and reconsider visiting the place.

3. Take advantage of the fact that you are a resident. In an effort to attract recurring visitors, many tourist attractions offer discounts to local residents. Two notable examples of attractions that offer this discount include Disneyland and Universal Studios, both located near Los Angeles.

4. Start reading travel books and magazines. These publications often feature great suggestions and discounts for attractions. Also, many tourist attractions advertise in these publications, so if something brand new opens you can find out about it through a magazine.

5. Try to rediscover an old place. For example, if you live near a popular tourist attraction such as Chinatown in San Francisco, Times Square in New York City or the Farmer’s Market/The Grove in Los Angeles, you may visit this location quite often. But have you ever wandered around with a guide in hand and taken the opportunity to read up on the location, or actually visited any of the shops and restaurants? Deviate from your regular routine and you may discover new places that you were blind to before.

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by Julie Rukavina

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5 Responses to “Staycation – Being A Tourist In Your Own Town”



Love this post. Makes me want to explore my home town of Orlando more…



Yeah Violette, I know what you mean! We’re in Vancouver and I’m always amazed at the things I haven’t seen or done in this city.



Our own town or city has a lot of things we have to unravel and yet to be discovered by us. I guess our own place can be great travel destination.



Where i’m from (Dublin, Ireland) there is so much to see and do. I’ve been living there since I was born and almost each month something new crops up. Sometimes it’s something small, other times I think ‘wow! how could i have missed that?!’ But I agree with the article. You don’t need to leave town to have a good vacation.

Villa San Jose


I think this information would be really helpful for the visitors. I think it would be also very helpful for increasing the tourism, which would further helpful for growing economic power.

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