“The Look” – Amber Palace – Amber, India – Photo

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Amber, India - The Look - Copyright 2011 Ralph Velasco

I made this image at the Amber Palace, in Amber, India, just outside of Jaipur, which is also know as the Pink City. This woman was one of several sweeping the palace dressed in bright blue sarees. I took several shots of her as she went about her duties. These types of images of everyday life, where the local people are just doing what they do, are the ones I’m always on the lookout for when I travel.

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by Ralph Velasco

Ralph is a photography instructor, international tour guide and author. He's also the creator of the My Shot Lists for Travel app for iPhone and iPod touch. You can subscribe to his award-winning blog at RalphVelasco.com. You can find him on twitter at @ralphvelasco

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What a great photo. I love the color of the palace and the blue she is wearing. Wow. Nicely done. 🙂

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