Autumn in London, England

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When we thought our kids were old enough to enjoy international travel, the first place we took them was London. London is a great city for tourists from anywhere but particularly a great destination for American travelers who already have many connections to the history and culture of England. You have missed traveling to London this Summer but London remains a great place to visit this autumn.


The Great River Race Saturday 27 September – London has a boatman’s version of a marathon called the Great River Race. This 21.6 mile event is held on the river Thames as 300 boat crews compete or participate. The event includes everything from serious competitors to charity stunts.

iTunes FestivalEvery night in September, free concerts are being held at the Roundhouse in Camden. To get free tickets for these concerts you must enter a competition through the iTunes store.

London Cocktail Week – 6th to 12th Oct 2014 – If you think that the only drink available in London is a warm pint of beer then check out this festival that includes events at over 100 bars.

The BFI London Film Festival – 8th to 19th October 2014 – For 12 days in October London will entertain hundreds of film makers and film stars with 200 film screenings.

London Restaurant Festival – 9th to 27th October 2014 – Over 800 London restaurants will participate in the London Restaurant Festival which celebrates that London cuisine includes more than just fish and chips and toad in the hole.

London Jazz Festival – 14th to 23rd November 2014 – 2000 musical artists will be playing jazz at over 60 venues as London shows that it knows how to import music as well as export it.

Regent's Canal

Regent’s Canal

Outdoor Activities

The weather in the Fall in London is generally still warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities. A cool autumn day is a great time to enjoy some of these outdoor activities. The the average high temperatures in September and October as  are still in the 50s and 60s Fahrenheit.

Regent’s Canal – One of my favorite walks in London was along the Regent’s Canal from the north of Regent’s park to Camden locks. The canal is filled with colorful canal boats, especially near the park. The canals of England are historically significant but can be appreciated for their beauty even by people who don’t like history.

Hyde Park – Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London and is known for the diversity of opinions that you can find at Speaker’s Corner. In addition, starting on the 23rd of November the Park will host a Winter Wonderland near Hyde Park Corner which includes carnival rides, food stalls and a Christmas market.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic ParkThe site of the London Olympics has turned into, or is turning into, one of the largest urban parks in Europe. The first phase of this transition is already open.

London Eye

London Eye

London Eye – You won’t get wet if you visit the London Eye on a rainy day, but save this for a clear day when you will have great views of Parliament,  the Thames and the London skyline.

Indoor Activities

Some days in London it will rain. The saying in England is “there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”, but London also has some great indoor activities.

Leicester Square – The center for London’s world class theatre scene is Leicester Square. You can wait in line for half price tickets at the booth in the square or order online if there is one show you just can’t miss.

Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre – Where else should you take in a Shakespeare play but in a recreation of the theatre where Shakespeare’s own company performed. Just south of the Thames, come early and explore the museum as well.

British Museum – There are many museums that are worth a visit in London (My 7 Favorite London Museums) but the most well known is the British Museum. The presentation could use some work but the collection is second to none.

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Autumn in London, England

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