Beginning Blogging with Wordpress

Become an Internet Influencer

When I started my blog 10 years ago there is no way that I could have known that a blog would:

  • Get me trips to countries like Spain, Jordan and Thailand
  • Win me awards as the "Best Independent Travel Journalist" from Travel & Leisure
  • Get me invited to the Whitehouse

There is no way to know what a blog could do for your career, your life or your business, except to know that it will do nothing for you until you start one.

This video course will help you get started. If you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word then you can learn to blog.

Intro Video

Learn more about me in this introductory video. Some of the videos in the course cover concepts you will need to understand to create your own blog.

Sample Video

Some of the videos in the course will guide you step by step through the Wordpress user interface. All the videos in the course are high definition videos (not small ilke this). There are 42 different short lessons in the course.

Purchase now and start your journey