Carnival Cruise Lines Forbids Cameras

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Carnival Cruise!

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Did you notice the last time that you booked a cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines that you were not allowed to bring a camera on board? A friend of mine did as he read the 16 page ticket contract.

The outrageous part about not bringing cameras is in section 4:

(b) No tools of trade, household goods, presents and/or property of others, jewelry, money, cameras, documents, valuables of any description including but not limited to such articles as are described in Title 46 of the United States Code section 30503 shall be carried except under and subject to the terms of a special written contract or Bill of Lading entered into with Carnival prior to embarkation upon application of the Guest. The Guest warrants that no such articles are contained in any receptacle or container presented by him as baggage hereunder, and if any such articles are shipped in the Guest’s baggage in breach of this warranty, no liability for negligence, gross or ordinary, shall attach to Carnival for any loss or damage thereto.

Basically, if you bring anything of value on board, you have done so in violation of your “signed” warranty that you would not, so we’re not responsible for them if they’re lost or destroyed for any reason: as far as we’re concerned, they don’t exist. And even if you did have something valuable, you are limiting Carnival’s liability to $100 per stateroom. If you want to bring more than $50 worth of goods (in your $70 suitcase) then carnival says you will need to pay them 5% of the amount over $50 and have the value in writing or they are not responsible.

(d) It is stipulated and agreed that the aggregate value of Guest’s property, does not exceed $50 per guest or bag with a maximum value of $100 per stateroom regardless of the number of occupants or bags and any liability of Carnival for any cause whatsoever with respect to said property shall not exceed such sum, unless the Guest shall in writing, delivered to Carnival, prior to embarkation, declare the true value thereof and pay to

Carnival prior to embarkation a sum equal to 5% of the excess of such value. If Carnival shall be held liable for the loss of or damage to Guest’s baggage or property it is agreed that such liability shall not exceed the lesser of: (1) the actual cash value, or (2) value declared in the manner above provided (up to U.S. $100 if no such declaration has been

made). Declared value amounts to be proportionately reduced in any case where less than all of Guest’s baggage or property is lost, delayed or rendered unusable due to damage. In no event shall Carnival be liable to pay any compensation if the nature or value of the property has been misrepresented.

Seriously? Does anyone read these documents? Do I suspect that most of the cruise lines have similar terms? Since so many are owned by the same small number of companies, I do expect just that.

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8 Responses to “Carnival Cruise Lines Forbids Cameras”



I noticed these same things as I read the contract a week before our Carnival cruise.

I googled the camera thing and came up with several discussions that say it’s legalese that means you can’t bring extra stuff along to try to sell. (The preceding paragraphs says something about business dealings, I believe.)

The liability line prompted me to make a phone call and be sure my travel insurance (purchased separately from Carnival) was offering better coverage than that!

Franko Mayorga



What you are saying makes allot of sense. I like your webste and will visit regularly. I always seem to take much more thanI need.

Toronto Cruises


Yes, you cannot carry camera according to their TOS. But i guess lot of people do carry cameras and many cruising companies wouldn’t mind that. So it is only on paper…



That’s what is so silly about it. Clearly people bring cameras it is just the lawyers trying to cover their ass. Which is a coincidence… since it is asinine.

Caribian Cruise


That may be true, unfortunately though. Nice article by the way. Cheers!



I noticed; You’re also not allowed to bring money by virtue of the same clause. Obviously people bring both… That clause is just the cruise-line’s way of getting out of paying damages if you lose anything or get robbed…



Oh absolutely. This whole document is the cruise line covering its behind.



Sure they are covering their behind; never the less it does not step up their seriousness.

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