Caving Glacier in Tracy Arm – Alaska – Photo

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Caving Glacier - Tracy Arm Glacier - Alaska

calving event when ice fell into the water

Caving Glacier - Tracy Arm Glacier - Alaska

ice broke off from below the surface and suddenly emerged

These photos are from an excursion to Tracy Arm, South Sawyer Glacier in Alaska.

The first photo is a calving event, when a large chunk of ice sheared off the glacier. For scale, we were surrounded by harbor seals hauled out on floating ice and you can see several of them in this shot.

The second photo is the secondary event, when a large block of ice (shooters) emerged a few seconds after the earlier shot.

The seals never moved in spite of all the noise and moving ice and waves.

This trip started in Seattle, we proceeded to Vancouver by bus, boarded the Pacific Princess in Vancouver, stopped in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and Whittier, with visits to Glacier Bay and College Fjord. After disembarking, we visited Kenai Fjords (Resurrection Bay and Aialik Glacier), Denali, and Fairbanks. Among all of those places, Tracy Arm was absolutely the highlight of the trip.

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by Kent Vidrine

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