Diego Rivera Mural – National Palace – Mexico City, Mexico – Photo

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Diego Rivera mural - Mexican National Palace

In honor of Cinco de Mayo the daily photo today is from the National Palace in Mexico City. The Mexican artist Diego Rivera painted these murals in the 1920s to celebrate or at least commemorate Mexican history. Rivera was known for his elaborate murals of Mexican History as well as his politics (he was a communist).

There are a number of Diego Rivera murals in the U.S. as well (San Francisco, Detroit, and New York City all have some) but his politics made him fairly controversial. His politics were not only controversial to enemies of communism but also got him kicked out of the USSR for “anti-Soviet politics” and subsequently from the Mexican Communist Party.

In the southern Mexico City neighborhood of Coyoacan you can visit the house where Diego Rivera lived with fellow artist Frida Kahlo which is now a museum.

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