Ford Escape Routess Casting Call – San Francisco Video

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Last Saturday I was hired by Ford’s PR Agency to participate in the casting of a new web TV show called Ford “Escape Routes”. The idea was that I was supposed to grill the candidates o their social media skills, although it turned out that most didn’t even claim to have any. So what I ended up doing was shooting video of the candidates after they had talked to the casting director. What I ended up with was the following video.

I was very surprised and completely amused what people will say on video. We learn about some wild road trips, one fake marriage, one secret marriage, and one patent idea. Some of the contestants seemed to have a good idea what a company like Ford might want from the contestants and what sort of pitch would be “On Brand” for that message. Some, as you will see, had a pitch that was more “Off Brand”. This video is not safe for work.

I have divided the video into the following parts:

  • 00:00 Meet the contestants
  • 01:19 Why did you come?
  • 03:14 What was your best Road Trip?
  • 08:32 “On Brand” Approaches
  • 09:11 “Off Brand” Approaches
  • 10:16 Social Media
  • 11:01 Why should you pick us?

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