Gadget Review: USB Travel Charger & Cell Phone Recharger from Innergie

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I was given the opportunity to try out and review products from Innergie.

Innergie Duo USB Travel Charging Kit

The Duo USB Travel Charging Kit contains two chargers. One is a 15W wall charger with two USB ports. The other is 10W car charger that will charge your phone and allow you to make calls if your phone battery goes dead and you need to make an emergency call from the side of the road. The third item in the kit was the two-foot long Magic Cable Duo. This kit will allow the road warrior to stay charged while driving or resting in the hotel at night.

Innergie 2.1 Amp Pocket Cell Portable Pocket Rechargeable Battery Bank

The other item I tested is the Innergie 2.1 Amp Pocket Cell Portable Pocket Rechargeable Battery Bank. This is a great device for travel. It will recharge your device (iPhone, iPods, Apple iPad, Blackberry handsets, smartphones and Cellphone batteries, media players, etc.) when your battery dies in the middle of an exciting day of travel. You also can use your device while it is charging. The battery is the size of two fingers and it very easy to carry. It took less than an hour to fully recharge the Pocket Cell using a wall Innergie%20Pocket%20Cell%20Portable%20Pocket%20Rechargeable%20Batterycharger; this should be done at night while in your hotel. My iPhone battery went from dead to fully charged in less than an hour. I think this portable charger will be an essential piece of travel equipment. The Pocket Cell battery also comes with a short Magic Cable Trio.

The Magic Cable Duo and Trio are really clever USB cables. The Duo Cable has a Micro USB (compatible with Blackberry, Bluetooth headset, eBook, and more) and Apple pin connectors (for iPad, iPhone, iPod). The Trio Cable adds a Mini USB (compatible with HTC, GPS unit, MP3 Player, digital camera and more). The connectors nest by clicking together or hinge apart as necessary for use. It is very convenient to have these multiple connectors on one cable allowing you to charge different types of devices. This saves you having to pack multiple chargers with you wherever you go and risk the possibility of losing one of them along the way. Great for travel! The Duo cable has Velcro strip to wrap around it to keep it tidy when not in use, also appreciated for travel.

You can see more products from Innergie at Items can be purchased at The Travel Kit costs $49.99. The Rechargeable Battery is $79.99.

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Great review Lyn, Great that you tested it yourself. The item can also be found for shopping in Singapore ,

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