Ganga Dream – Varanasi, India – Photo

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Today’s photo “Ganga Dream” (® 2010 Skip Hunt) was taken by Skip Hunt and was submitted in the Amateur Traveler March Photo contest.

Skip says:

I was traveling in India and in the most sacred of cities for Hindus, Varanasi (also known as Banares) I believe this city is also considered the planet’s oldest living cities.

I wanted a shot of the sun rising on the Ganges river, so I hired a small row boat and headed out. I was shooting digital as only a “polaroid” to save on 35mm usage. I had one shot at this and no time for 35mm version. This is one of my favorite shots of mine and the one that convinced me to go all digital.

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by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast, and a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast.

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This photo is unbelievably stunning. I love how the ripples in the cloth are accentuated by the ripples in the water.

Skip Hunt


Thank you very much JoAnna! 🙂

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