Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary – San Francisco, California – Photo

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Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California celebrated 75th years on May 27th. This photo captures some of the fireworks that were part of the celebration of the occasion.

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by Kirsten Hrobsky

Kirsten travels to find indigenous cultures, climb mountains and track down local cheeses. When her backpack is parked at home in San Francisco, she works as a writer, personal concierge and professional dog trainer.

7 Responses to “Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary – San Francisco, California – Photo”



WOW! Beautiful!

Kerry Dexter


a lovely evocation of the spirit of the celebration. thank you.



Wowza! Amazing shot! Those fireworks are huge. I’d be a little concerned if I was on one of the boats down in the water.



Wow, what a great shot, Amazing pics , mostly we can see this in the new year eve time



The Coast Guard is supposed to (and usually does) keep a safe perimeter during the show.

George Barley


Breathtaking view! What a nice shot, love it!



Thanks for the comments everyone! The fireworks show was almost as amazing as seeing the bridge with no traffic and no lights (15 years here and I’ve never seen that). There were hundreds of colored boat lights bobbing around the Bay and since several barges were setting off most of the fireworks, police and coast guard boats were very busy keeping the a safe perimeter.

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