Golden Gate Bridge Photo Walk – San Francisco, California – Photo

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Golden Gate Bridge Photo Walk - San Francisco, Calfironia - Photo

I had the opportunity to go on a Photo Walking Tour with friend and photographer Ralph Velasco. The walking tour was across the Golden Gate Bridge and back. I came to two realizations:

      1. A group of photographers can walk really really slow
        When you have already taken a lot of

pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge

    1. , it is a challenge to find new shots, but that was just the challenge I was there for.

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wandering educators


what an incredible photo! wow!



This is a walk I’d love to take one of these days. One of our most recent walks was over a couple of bridges in Pittsburgh, PA…great town for a real bridge fan like me, too.

[email protected]?


This is an incredible shot!

I love it!


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