Grand Tetons National Park – Wyoming – Photo

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Today’s photo “Grand Tetons National Park” was taken by Becky Clark Sunderland and was submitted in the Amateur Traveler March Photo contest.

Becky  says:

I went to the Grand Tetons & Yellowstone last summer with my husband, Chris, and another couple. It was an incredible trip! This was one of the last days of a 10 day trip. Our friends decided to stay back at the cabin and Chris and I went around the Tetons National Park. It was a beautifal day and so I was lucky to get a good day for taking this good reflective shot. On our way back from taking this photo, we saw a young grizzly bear! 🙂

Becky has started blogging about her travels at

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Wow this is quite a National Park. Looking forward to go there.:)

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