Lower Antelope Canyon – Page Arizona – Photo

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Lower Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona

If you have been around the Amateur Traveler for a while then you have probably already heard me say that one of my favorite places if not my favorite place to be a photographer is Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona. For those of you who have not heard me talk about it (Southwest USA Road Trip – Antelope Canyon – Episode 15) Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon. There are two parts to this “canyon”. Upper Antelope Canyon you can walk right in but Lower Antelope Canyon, which gets less visitors, you have to climb down into a crack in the ground about as wide as my shoulders. You climb down a series of ladders until you end up in this beautiful world of Navajo sandstone and light.

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by Chris Christensen

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WOW that photo is incredible.

Kerry Dexter


lovely shot, thank you.



that shot is amazing! I love that part of the US, but my claustrophobia would probably kick in big time in that particular spot.

Heather on her travels


I remember hearing about the canyon on one of your podcasts and thinking it would be a beautiful place to visit



Brilliant, brilliant shot. Soooo amazing. Think my son and I will have to make time to visit Arizona when our journey brings us to the States next year.

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