Lower Antelope (Slot) Canyon – Page, Arizona

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If you have seen a photo of the slot canyons in Arizona you have probably seen a picture of Antelope Canyon. If you have listened to the Amateur Traveler podcast for any length of time you have also heard me talk about Antelope Canyon. If you have a camera and like to take pictures than this “canyon” should be on your list of places to go.

When I call this a canyon you may get the wrong picture in your mind as this is a slot canyon. The lower canyon is a crack in the ground that you climb down into on ladders. This is not a good place to be in the case of rain as flash flooding is a danger. It is also probably not a great place for people with bad claustrophobia.

The upper canyon gets many more visitors. It is where most of the tour operators will take you while the lower canyon is a family run operation. The upper canyon is also more accessible for people with mobility issues.

The curved shapes and the colors of the sandstone are what make this one of my favorite spots as a photographer. I arrived the first thing in the morning in October, so all my photos are from 9am-10am. I saved Upper Antelope Canyon for the mid-day sun.

Both the upper and lower canyons (across the road from one another) are national parks but they are national parks of the Navajo nation.

You will need a camera that works in lower light and for best results you will want a tripod or better yet a monopod as space is tight. I would recommend going to the lower canyon when it first opens in the morning and then crossing the road to visit the upper canyon at noon. If you can’t take a good picture of Antelope canyon then it is time to sell your camera and start buying postcards.

Lower Antelope (Slot) Canyon - Page, Arizona

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by Chris Christensen

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We did the upper canyon and a couple of side canyons last week. Now I wish we’d taken the time to do the lower canyon… at least I have a reason to go back. This is a spectacular place, anyone who likes taking photos or just seeing beauty in shapes and color is going to love this place. We did the Grand Canyon and hiked in Sedona, both great, but this adventure was the best!



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