Narrow Canal Boats – Grand Union Canal, England – Photo

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This Photo is from Richard Graw who was the guest  on this week’s Amateur Traveler episode Cruising Barge Canals in England and Wales – Episode 315.

This photo was taken by my wife Leslie Best. She did a wonderful job of capturing the moment.This photo was taken on the Hatton Flight (21 locks in a row). We are going up the flight back to Stratford. This is somewhere in the middle of the flight.

The boat on the right belongs to the couple who are standing over it. They are regulars on the canal and have done a great job of decorating the boat in a traditional manner.

My sister is on the left side of the lock while my niece lends a hand. I am relaxing while the lock fills so we can move out towards the next lock.

Editor: it was not until I saw this picture that I really understood the term “narrow boats”.

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by Richard Graw

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Gabrielle Lorenz


Narrow boats are not the only canal boats in England. As well as the beautifully painted traditional narrow boats that fit the narrow locks and bridges throughout the system, in the north of England there are wide canals built to accommodate broader beamed boats like ‘Pauline’ the boat my family lives on. She is a Calder and Hebble Keel, built in 1869 and I have written about our travels across England from Manchester to Boston in Lincolshire, then out across the North Sea to Europe. We travelled the inland waterways of Holland, Belgium and France and my book about the journey, ‘Snail’s Pace’ is published as an ebook by Amazon:
If you read it I would be very grateful of a review!

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