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Today’s photo “Swimming Village” was taken by Johannes Zielcke and was submitted in the Amateur Traveler March Photo contest.

Johannes  says:

Two years ago I was travelling in Burma/Myanmar by myself and among other things spent a few days near Inle Lake, which is surrounded by mountains and is located in central Burma/Myanmar. One evening I was approached by a local fishermen, who invited me to spend a day on the sea in his small boat. So we went out quite early in the morning (4:30 if I recall correctly), which was of course a great opportunity for taking photos! I got some of other fishermen on the sea, and later on as we paddled through one of the villages, which are build on piles in the sea, I took this picture. I’m not totally sure anymore about the history of this “pagoda”, but I think it used to be a ship which was employed to carry some buddhist statues around the sea to different villages. But one day it sank and this is what they recovered, the rest is probably still lying somewhere on the ground.

Check out more of Johannes’ Myanmar photos or his other travel photos on flickr.

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