Te Puia – Rotorua, New Zealand – Photo

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Te Puia - Rotorua, New Zealand

Te Puia in Rotorua is an area where you can see some of the geothermal activity in the Rotorua area as well as Maori cultural presentations. This Maori “warrrior” is trying to intimidate you.

For full disclosure, my airplane ticket was purchased by Air New Zealand and the Tourism New Zealand. Tourism New Zealand also gave me an Explore New Zealand pass which enabled me to take this cruise for free. My transportation has been a camper van provided by Spaceships.

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by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast, and a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast.

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How did you enjoy the cultural performance? I’ve yet to see one as I’ve heard nothing but negative feedback in that the shows are extremely fake and put on.



I enjoyed the cultural performances. I am not sure what exactly “fake” means. Do the performers live like their ancestors did. No. But this is just them saying here is a traditional song, dance, etc.



I do take these kinds of performances with a grain of salt. Yes, they are performing for tourists, and will cater to that and their expectations. However, there is a reason for the popularity, they do offer firsthand glimpses into the Maori culture, mostly past but some present as well.

That said, I usually look for shows that are offered by the historical society, rather than just the big ones advertised at the hotel. The best advice is to look for local festivals. Best two “shows” I ever saw were on the Cook Islands, and it was mostly locals with a smattering of tourists. Some folks were selling food right from their garden, others had picnic lunches available. These were not umbrella drinks/comfortable chair kind of places, more of a sit on the lawn/rocks and hope someone will clue you in as to what’s going on! 😉

Look for the local festivals first if you want more of an “authentic” feel, then fall back on the big hotel shows if you want more packaged/tourist friendly options.



One cool thing about Te Puia is that they use the ticket sales to support a couple schools that are keeping some of the crafts alive like traditional woodcarving.

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