Temple 10,000 Buddhas Trail – Hong Kong – Photo

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10,000 Buddhas Trail

Today I have more pictures from the very photogenic Temple of the 10,000 Buddhas in Hong Kong. To get to the temple you take the KCR train to the  Sha Tin station in New Territories and then hike up this trail to the temple. Take Exit B at station, turn left on to Pai Tau Street, then right on to Sheung Wo Che Street, then follow the signs to the stairs up the hill.

10,000 Buddhas Trail

Take your time with the trail not only because the hike is steep but because the statues on the trail I think may be more interesting than the temple itself. The statues from the temple down the hill are predominantly these gold colored statues.

10,000 Buddhas Trail

The statues that go up the hill from the main temple to some of the other temples on the grounds are painted in a variety of colors.

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