Tong Tai Seafood Restaurant at the Temple Street Night Market – Hong Kong – Photo

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If you are a shopper and you are visiting Hong Kong then you have to visit the Temple Street Night Market. The market is about 4 blocks long on Temple Street near the Jordan MTR station. The night market is a place to buy clothing (although DO NOT try on clothing without asking first), trinkets, electronics, luggage, purses, craft supplies, knock-off watches and virtually any other manufactured product.

Even if you don’t like shopping Temple street is a wonderful place to visit and also a wonderful place to eat. We ate on the street sitting on plastic stools at the Tong Tai Seafood Restaurant. This restaurant provides great local food (Chinese food) including but not limited to seafood. The prices are very reasonable and the proprietor was wonderfully congenial. The crowd is a mixture of tourists and locals.

Order the garlic broccoli. I have to look for a recipe for this dish. We ate family style and had vegetarian, beef, chicken, shrimp, prawns, and pork dishes.Β  Your bowl is to eat out of and your small plate is where you put the shells from your prawns, bones or anything else you don’t eat. Practice your chopstick skills before you go to Hong Kong.


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Nancie (Ladyexpat)


I love the Temple Street Night Market. I’ve eaten here as well and it was delicious. I’ll have to remember the broccoli and garlic for next time.

I found you via Wanderfood Wednesday πŸ™‚



I love Hong Kong food, one my fondest memories was catching up with an old friend over a feast of oyster eggs, wine-soaked clams, prawns and of course.. beer! =) We ate on the streets on make-shift tables, which added to the lively ambience… Curiously, I’ve never tried garlic broccoli while in HK, or even in other parts of Asia for that matter.. Will have to try it out some time!

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