Travel to Bavaria and Southern Germany – Amateur Traveler Episode 188 Transcript

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bavaria-episode188This is a transcript of an episode of the Amateur Traveler focusing on traveling to Venice and the Veneto in Italy.

Chris: I’d like to welcome back Jason and Janie from Charlottesville, Virginia who’ve come to talk to us about Bavaria and Southern Germany. Welcome back to the show.

Jason: Thanks for having us Chris.

Janie: Thank you.

Chris: I say welcome back to the show because they were on talking about Barbados about a year and a half ago. You tell me.

Jason: Something like that. Time flies when you get pass 100 episodes.

Chris: So you had a chance to go to Southern Germany and we say Bavaria, which is the southern most state, but also some other areas near there.

Jason: Yes.

Chris: Why did you go? What was the attraction?

Jason: I was stationed in Germany while I was in the army.

Chris: Ok.

Jason. I lived there for three years. The person that I lived with is now stationed in Germany again. So it was an opportunity for us to go back and visit them. And Janie had never been so she had heard three years worth of stories about my revelry in Germany and hadn’t actually seen the land that I was talking about so I was very excited to have her come along.

Chris: Where were you stationed in Germany?

Jason: I was stationed in Freiberg, which is about 45 minutes northwest of Frankfurt.

Chris: Ok. Northern Germany.

Jason: So I was probably four hours northwest of Munich.

Chris: Ok. And you bring up Munich because Munich being the capital of Bavaria?

Jason: Correct.

Chris: Ok. So when we go to the southern portion of Germany, what should we see?

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by Chris Christensen

I am the host of the Amateur Traveler. The Amateur Traveler is an online travel show that focuses primarily on travel destinations and what are the best places to travel to. It includes both a weekly audio podcast, a video podcast, and a blog.

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I just returned from Bavaria and visiting numerous Kringle marts. Rothenberg was by far my favorite. Maybe you could answer a question for me…..there were stalls selling rows and rows of “rusty”chocolate tools and were quite popular with the locals, do you know if this is a tradition, and the history behind it? I bought an assortment, but never got the chance to ask the seller the significance……

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