Travel to Bavaria and Southern Germany – Amateur Traveler Episode 188 Transcript

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Chris: Oh.

Jason: One of the very first pogroms against the Jews was started here. And so the Germans are very aware of this to kind of get rid of that old past. They have a toy museum there…

Chris: Interesting.

Jason: which is very fun for the young kids. For your 18 to early 30 something’s who are still doing the backpacker through Europe types of trips, a great place to stay is called the Kapuzinerholzl. It is a giant circus tent.

Chris: Huh.

Jason: It’s on the outskirts but very easy to access by the trams.

Chris: Summer only then?

Jason: It is summer only.

Chris: Ok.

Jason: And it only cost a few euro. They give you a mat, four blankets and you go mark out your place to stay and then in the morning they wake everyone up and roust them out. You get some granola and some hot tea and they send you on your way. It’s a really neat experience. It’s very, very cheap. It’s camping with a thousand of your closest friends.

Chris: All Right.

Jason: And one thing that I forgot to cover about Rothenberg. So Rothenburg was a free state. It wasn’t defeated for many years and so one of the stories about how Rothenburg stayed free was that it actually had fallen. I believe this might have been in the Napoleonic times and the army threatened to burn the town.

Chris: I think it was the 30 Years War, as I recall.

Jason: Oh yes, you’re right. It’s the 30 Years War. The invading troops threatened to burn down the town. And the mayor said, “I will cut you a deal. If I can drink 3 1/2 liters of wine in one gulp, then you will spare my town.” And so the clock tower is a testament to the mayor consuming 3 1/2 liters of wine in one gulp. And Rothenburg was actually spared during WWII too as well.

Chris: Right.

Jason: I’m probably giving away the Night Watchman Tour.

Chris: It is the end of the Night Watchman Tour. That is true.

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I just returned from Bavaria and visiting numerous Kringle marts. Rothenberg was by far my favorite. Maybe you could answer a question for me…..there were stalls selling rows and rows of “rusty”chocolate tools and were quite popular with the locals, do you know if this is a tradition, and the history behind it? I bought an assortment, but never got the chance to ask the seller the significance……

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