Travel to Bavaria and Southern Germany – Amateur Traveler Episode 188 Transcript

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Jason: Yes, so if you want to save the ending for the Night Watchman Tour, then fast-forward a minute. The general who was in charge of taking over that area had ordered bombings and there was a lieutenant colonel on his staff named Devons whose mother had a print of Rothenburg. She had gone to Rothenburg. She had been so impressed by it. She bought a print. Brought it back and would tell this man when he was kid she would tell him stories about Rothenburg and how beautiful it was. When he found out that it was going to be bombed, he actually convinced the major of the German army who was in charge of defending Rothenburg to abandon the town. So while about a third of it was bombed because there was a print in the house of one of the staff members when he was growing up, he spared the rest of the town. And also because of the bravery of that German major who basically gave the town up and if his high command had found out what he had done, he would have been hanged for treason or shot for treason.

Chris: Right they were ordered to hold to the last man, as I recall, but he also valued the town.

Jason: It took the confluence of some pretty amazing coincidences but Rothenburg was saved and that’s why it’s actually well liked as a tourist attraction because it’s got the old buildings. And one of the oldest buildings in Rothenburg has a foundation that dates back to the 900’s and it’s a pub and it’s called “Hell”. Literally, that is the translation. Hölle. The joke is: In Rothenburg, if someone tells you to go to Hell, it’s actually a good idea because it’s a tavern.

Chris: Now before this turns into a two or three part episode, we should start to wind this down. And we’re gong to skip a lot of our standard questions here because I think we have covered a lot of things. But just the one moment you really know you’re in Bavaria, you really know you’re in southern Germany, when what?

Janie: Gosh. Just looking at the countryside, it was just like you’ve seen in pictures and in movies and on TV. It was absolutely beautiful and very clean and well kept. You can tell that they take a lot of pride in their land.

Chris: Ok.

Jason: And for me, the moment you know you’re in Bavaria is when you are having the Bavarian sausage with a glass of beer.

Chris: Ok. That’s the white sausage as I recall.

Jason: Yes.

Chris: Weiße Wurst?

Jason: Yes.

Chris: Ok. And if we had to summarize Bavaria, Southern Germany in three words. What three words would you use?

Janie: Charming, quaint, relaxed.

Chris: Ok.

Jason: My three will be: Schön, freundliche, geschichte.

Chris: Ok. So I’ve got pretty, friendly…

Jason: Beautiful, friendly and history.

Chris: and history. Ok. Janie and Jason, thank you so much for coming back on the show and talking about Southern Germany.

Jason: Thank you very much. It’s always wonderful to chat with you Chris.

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I just returned from Bavaria and visiting numerous Kringle marts. Rothenberg was by far my favorite. Maybe you could answer a question for me…..there were stalls selling rows and rows of “rusty”chocolate tools and were quite popular with the locals, do you know if this is a tradition, and the history behind it? I bought an assortment, but never got the chance to ask the seller the significance……

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