Travel to Bavaria and Southern Germany – Amateur Traveler Episode 188 Transcript

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Jason: The other thing that as I mentioned, Rothenberg is very well known for is the Kris Kringle Mart, which is the Christmas Market. It is not as big as the Christmas Market in Nuremburg. But to me it is a little bit more authentic. If you go during the wintertime, first of all you get Gluevine, which is the warm mulled wine, which will chase away any level of cold. They’re also known for something called snowballs. It’s a powdered sugar covered pastry.

Chris: Schneeball.

Jason: Yes, a Schneeball. They also have a Christmas museum where you learn things like ornaments are actually representations of the apple for Adam and Eve.

Chris: Hum.

Jason: And for the uninformed, you can always tell the tourists because the tourists actually bites into the Schneeball and then they get a face full of powder. So the trick to eating a Schneeball is to keep it in the bag and to whack it a few times to where it breaks up and then take out the pieces and eat the pieces so that you keep it from getting it all over yourself.

Chris: And if we wanted to describe it, it’s almost like someone has taken pie dough and

confabulated it together in some sort of accordion knot and then deep-fried it. Good stuff.

Jason: And covered it in powdered sugar and just tasty goodness.

Janie: You can also get them in chocolate and hazelnut.

Chris: Right.

Jason: And the other thing is, if you’re going to get a Schneeball, don’t go to the Schneeball factory. So they have little Schneeball shops that are all along the main street.

Rothenburg being a small old town doesn’t have many cars. It’s very pedestrian friendly and so you see all these. Instead go to a bakery. Bakeries tend to be where the locals get their Schneeballs and they tend to be a little bit better and a little bit fresher.

Chris: Huh. Ok.

Jason: So after Rothenberg, we actually went south of Munich to Neuschwanstein.

Neuschwanstein was the castle of Mad King Ludwig. Ludwig was the Bavarian king. He actually was the king, I believe, after the US Civil War. And he built three castles, which were dedicated to madness. We did not go to Hohenschwangau, which you can see from Neuschwanstein.

Chris: Which is where he grew up, as I recall.

Jason: Yes. We went to Neuschwanstein, which if you recall the Wonderful World of Disney as Tinkerbelle comes flying out of the castle, Neuschwanstein is the castle that Walt Disney based the Wonderful World of Disney castle off of.

Chris: Right. The Disneyland Castle.

Jason: Exactly. And it is a castle dedicated to of all things the operas of Joseph Wagner.

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I just returned from Bavaria and visiting numerous Kringle marts. Rothenberg was by far my favorite. Maybe you could answer a question for me…..there were stalls selling rows and rows of “rusty”chocolate tools and were quite popular with the locals, do you know if this is a tradition, and the history behind it? I bought an assortment, but never got the chance to ask the seller the significance……

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