Travel to Krakow, Poland – Episode 185 Transcript

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This is a transcript of an episode of the Amateur Traveler focusing on traveling to Krakow Poland.

Amateur Traveler Episode 185 – Travel To Krakow, Poland

Today the Amateur Traveler goes to the home of kings, popes, and atrocities as we visit Krakow in Poland.

Chris: I’d like to welcome Raul from Atlanta to the show who’s come to talk to us about Krakow, Poland. Raul, welcome to the show.

Raul: Thanks Chris.

Chris: Now first of all, Krakow is a popular destination but not necessarily with people from the US quite as much. What led you to Krakow?

Raul: My friend and I were looking for some off-the-beaten path kind of trip but because we were constrained to a week, we had to keep it somewhere accessible. In thinking about Europe, there were definitely other choices like Ireland – places like that. But Poland was a little more exotic if you will. First, actually because that’s not a typical destination at least for the people that I talk to about travel normally. Poland, in general, but Krakow specifically, is a very historic place and that was a big draw for us as well.

Chris: We were talking briefly as we were setting this up that Krakow is one of those places on my list because I haven’t been to much of what we used to call Eastern Europe. I think Krakow is actually Central Europe again. But what should I see if I go to Krakow?

Raul: What should you see? Well, the town is obviously got history at every corner. It used to be the capital of Poland. I forget how many years. I think it may have been 600 years or so till the early 1600’s, late 1500’s. So there’s a lot of history and that part of Poland… well Poland in general, obviously, has been sliced up and divvied up throughout history and even disappeared from the map completely at some points.

Chris: Yeah, twice actually as I recall.

Raul: Southern Poland in particular has had a lot more contact with like the Austria/Habsburg Empire and things like that. So it kind of to me at the crossroads of a lot of things that happened in Europe over the centuries. There’s just a lot of history everywhere you go and even modern history. Pope John Paul II being from a nearby town and having been Cardinal in Krakow. Even in that sense of modern history, there’s a lot of things to see. So to me, first and foremost, the history itself. But the town, the architecture, the charm – it’s quite enjoyable. You don’t have to be a history buff to go and enjoy Krakow I don’t think.

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