Travel to Krakow, Poland – Episode 185 Transcript

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Travel to Krakow, Poland – Episode 185 Transcript

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Raul: Historic, Beautiful (a beautiful town just looking around), Livable, actually.

Chris: Interesting. Raul, thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your adventures in Krakow.

Raul: Thank you for the opportunity Chris and I hope you do get to go to Krakow soon.

Chris: Yeah me too. But there’s so many places I haven’t seen. Thanks a lot.

Raul: Thanks.

And in Internet resources today, I want to suggest another travel podcast, which is different from the Amateur Traveler called “Betty In The Sky with A Suitcase” at Betty is a flight attendant who tells humorous stories of things that happen during airline travel. And one of the bits that she included in her show this week I found fairly humorous. You may not, depending on your stand on gun control, but it’s basically a take on how they have allowed pilots and co-pilots to carry weapons and this is an announcement you may not hear the next time you fly.

“ Good afternoon. This is your Captain speaking with just a little flight information. Coming up on the left we’re going to be catching a glimpse of the Grand Canyon. On the right you can be able to see the Hoover Dam in just a few minutes. We’re flying at an altitude of 37,000 feet and our airspeed is 400 miles an hour. A couple of little facts here: I’m packing a Colt King Cobra. That’s a 357-caliber firearm with a black rubber grip and a six-inch barrel. Also, the co-pilot is carrying a Kimber custom defense pistol with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a custom gun of that kind with an alloy frame and beveled treatment on the entire gun. And our chief flight attendant, Roger, has a Ruger Bearcat 22 with a hand-fluted cylinder. All three are capable of piercing body armor at a distance of up to 27 feet and can put a hole in human bone and flesh the size of the Grand Canyon, which by the way is coming up on the left hand side of the plane so just sit back and relax and enjoy the rest of the flight.”

And for those you I haven’t offended yet, I have two different places where I have been interviewed recently that I want to point you at. I’ll put a link to both of these in the Show Notes at The first one is I was interviewed by my good friend Victor for the Typical Shutterbug Podcast talking about travel photography. So you might want to check that out. And the second one: I was interviewed by my good friend Linda Martin who is one of the hosts of the Indie Travel Podcast on their show talking about traveling to Oaxaca, Mexico. In case you’re interested in going there now that the panic about swine flu seems to be dying down.

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