Travel to Krakow, Poland – Episode 185 Transcript

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Travel to Krakow, Poland – Episode 185 Transcript

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Chris: Interesting. With the trip to Krakow, what do you wish you’d known before you’d gone?

Raul: I guess I wish I’d known that I would want to stay longer.

Chris: Well, that’s a pretty good thing.

Raul: I may have been able to pull that off if I really had set my heart on that, but not once I was there. Once I was there, my plans were fairly firm. There was just more to see and to explore. So I went to these places. I went to Wadowice where John Paul was born. These are known places, highly known. One of the next level places, one of those small towns wherever you can just go and get a different sense of Polish life perhaps more towards the rural areas. I didn’t have a good insight as to what would be those places and I didn’t have the time to discover them on my own this time. If I go back and I hope I do go back, that’ll be something I’ll be looking for. The other part of the area that I didn’t see was the mountains, the Tatra Mountains, which I hear are very beautiful. Zakopane is a ski resort area, obviously more touristy that way, but the mountains in general they sound like they’re beautiful and I wish I had the time to go and explore. I went in the winter too, which may not have been the best time to get lost in the mountains. But those are things I wish I could have done and maybe I’ll look to do someday.

Chris: And the best day you had there?

Raul: I’m Catholic and going to Wadowice and seeing the birthplace of this not only a religious figure but pretty historical figure in the past century.

Chris: Sure.

Raul: It was very moving actually to think that a child from that town, from that condition. Once you see the family, what they were about and where they lived to grow to become this figure was very moving. That any child, any child, had the potential to be something that big no matter where they come from. That to me was very moving actually. Well, obviously Auschwitz.

Chris: Sure.

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