Travel to Molokai and Lanai in Hawaii – Amateur Traveler Episode 206 Transcript

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molokai-episode206This is a transcript of an episode of the Amateur Traveler podcast focusing on traveling to the Molokai and Lanai in Hawaii

Chris: I’d like to welcome to the show Pam Mandel. Pam Mandel is a travel writer at both Nerd’s Eye View and Holoholo Wale and also a ukulele impresario. Pam, welcome to the show.

Pam: Good morning Chris. Impresario is really an expansive word for my skills.

Chris: Is that a long word for an instrument that only has four strings.

Pam: It is and also I’m really I’m not an impresario so much as I am an enthusiast.

Chris: And I noticed that just this morning, your face was gracing the cover of talking about using your ukulele or ukulele, depending on where you’re from apparently, as a device for meeting people.

Pam: Yeah, that’s right. I wrote that story quite a while ago and I’m really pleased to see it go live.

Chris: And in case people haven’t guessed yet, with the names like Holoholo Wale being throw around and ukulele, we’re talking about Hawaii today. And in particular, we’re

talking about one or two of the islands, depending on how much time we get, that don’t get as much traffic: Moloka’i and Lana’i. And I don’t think I’m quite saying that right. You’re suppose to pronounce every vowel, right? So it’s Moloka’i?

Pam: That sounds right to me.

Chris: Ok. So Pam, why should we get off the beaten path? Why shouldn’t we just go to Oahu and Maui and the Big Island and Kauai, which are all lovely islands? Why one of these other islands?

Pam: Each of the islands is different. The vibe on each of the islands is different. The way you feel when you’re on each of those islands to me is very, very different. Waikiki is super urban. You go to the North Shore and it feels a bit more natural, I guess is the word I ‘m looking for.

Chris: Right.

Pam: It’s less developed. In general, Oahu is pretty bustling. Maui – there’s lots of golf courses and resorts. A friend of mine called Kauai the Pacific Northwest of Hawaii because it’s kind of this green, crunchy, hippie sort of place.

Chris: Sure.

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