Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico – Amateur Traveler Episode 174 Transcript

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Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico – Episode 174 Transcript

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Sarah: And I think those are $200 a week and they’re a little less fancy. The other one is in this old sort of colonial building. But with a kitchen and an oven and all sorts of modern conveniences. And again a stones throw from the city center. So if you are going to come down for a week or so this is another way to make yourself feel a little bit more at home and I think it comes out a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel. And then yeah there are several hostels too I found.

Chris: And then you talked about taking a bus up to the ruins. Is that the best way to get around – public transportation?

Sarah: Yeah, by far I think. No, with taxi’s you need to negotiate the fare. So definitely you should not be paying anything more 40 pesos for a taxi.

So what you should do before you get into any taxi, you should definitely say, “How much will it be to go to such and such address?” and to say within 35-40 pesos this is the norm. So if you’re a tourist they might try and go for 50 or 70 or something like that. So, yeah, at night you could go in taxis but you really shouldn’t be going anywhere that would require a taxi if you’re in the city center. And then the buses are going to be about five pesos and they go pretty much everywhere. And if you want to get out to the villages outside of the city, you can also take a collective taxi, called collectivos. If you can figure that out, they’re better than buses because they’re a little bit more comfortable and they’re going to be about six or seven pesos. Maybe more if you’re going all the way out to Mitla or a place like that.

And they’ll have the destinations written on the front of the taxi and what not. So..

Chris: What’s the best day you’ve had in Oaxaca?

Sarah: The best day I’ve had? Oh gosh. That’s a hard one. Ok, so the best day I had recently was actually New Year’s because we went in the morning to the Merced Market and we ate chilaquiles, which are classic Mexican breakfast food. And so I got green chilaquiles there and they come in this like sizzling hot clay pot. So we ate chilaquiles at the market and then we drove up to the Sierra Norte, which is about an hour and a half drive from Oaxaca. And we went hiking in the cloud forest there and it’s like a completely different landscape from the city.

And they say that Oaxaca has some of the most biodiversity in the world. So you can see just these incredible flowers and trees and their maguey plants. They are agave plants, I guess. Which is what they make mescal out of in Oaxaca. But there in the Sierra Norte they are literally bigger than me. I mean they must be at least six or seven feet tall and about a foot or two thick.

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