Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium – Amateur Traveler Episode 98 Transcript

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This is a transcript of an episode of the Amateur Traveler focusing on traveling to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Today the Amateur Traveler goes to Belgium and the Netherlands.

Chris: I’d like to welcome to the show Daniel Perez who’s come to talk to us about a recent trip to Belgium and the Netherlands. Daniel, welcome to the show.

Daniel: Thanks a lot Chris.

Chris: And Daniel is another member of a new organization that he and I have been working on which is the Travel Podcasters Network. And Daniel has probably one of the more unusual travel podcasts. You have the Gamer Traveler.

Daniel: Yeah.

Chris: I’m going to let you explain it.

Daniel: Basically, it’s a show about gaming and travel both rolled into one. I’m a role player and a gamer of, you know, many, many years. And when I was trying to figure out a podcast that I wanted to do mostly for my gaming interest, I didn’t want to rehash what other people were doing so I went for the weirdest angle that I could find and I decided to combine it with my love of travel. It was originally a segment in another podcast, like a feature segment, and I would talk about a small location and then you’d tell ways of using it in a role-playing game or setting or anything like that. And eventually I decided to go ahead and take it solo and it’s been doing very well.

Chris: So you recently were on a, I think you said, a 10-day trip to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Daniel: Yeah. It was actually a year ago right now.

Chris: Ok and can you tell us where you went? First, lets lay out the itinerary.

Daniel: Sure. We flew from Miami to Brussels. And we spent three days in Brussels and we went up to Amsterdam, spent a couple of days there. I think it was three or four days in Amsterdam. Then, went back down into Belgium to visit Brugge. Spent a few days there, then went back up into the Netherlands to the town of Delft and one more day in Amsterdam before returning back to the states.

Chris: Ok. And then lets take those, kind of, one at a time and hit the highlights of the different places. So you started in Brussels?

Daniel: Brussels.

Chris: So what were the highlights of Brussels for you?

Daniel: Actually the city itself. We had read up on our destinations. We usually do that. We’re nerds like that.

Chris: Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Daniel: But we didn’t really know what to expect out of Belgium in general because it’s usually one of these like, ‘Oh you know there’s France and England and Germany and oh yeah, there’s Belgium over there.’ So we sort of knew the highlights and we’ve seen our videos and everything but we weren’t really ready for what we encountered there and it was a very nice surprise. Brussels is a very international city. It’s very laid back, very quiet. Kind of French in that sense. But it certainly has a lot of that Dutch entrepreneurial sense of, you know, the merchant’s core of the city. It was very interesting. Very welcome surprise to our trip. Very good start too.

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