Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium – Amateur Traveler Episode 98 Transcript

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Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium – Episode 98 Transcript

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Chris: Any particular part of Brussels that stands out in terms of places that you saw or things that you did?

Daniel: Absolutely. We were staying in a hotel that was just two streets away from the Grand Place, which is the center, the main square of Brussels. So it was its heart. This has been labeled by some people as the grandest and most amazing square in Europe and it certainly has a fighting shot for that title. It’s beautiful. It’s the right size. It’s surrounded by these beautiful and amazing gabled gild houses dating back to the 16th and 17th century. And it’s a very relaxing place. There’s food and drinks all around and just fantastic. Outside of that, there was also the upper part of the city where you get to see the Museum of Musical Instruments in an old art deco building, art nuevo building, sorry, which is also very nice. And there is the Coudenberg Museum, which is an underground look at some of the foundations of medieval Brussels.

Chris: Oh, interesting.

Daniel: Yeah. This is just off of the Royal Palace. It’s in one of the little wings on the side. You go in. You go down the stairs. It’s usually very empty. It certainly was when we went. It was Saturday and it was just empty. It was us and two other people. And you actually go into the foundations of medieval Brussels. You get to walk under the main road above and you get to see the old, I think it is the left wing of the palace, which used to be a church. You get to see the Basilica area where the altar would have been and then you actually get to go into what would have been the street and see the street itself and some of the houses that would have been lining it, which is also very cool.

Chris: So Brussels, like a lot of old cities, you’re saying, has built up upon that level, the medieval level?

Daniel: Very much so, actually. It’s another one of those cases in Europe where whatever they dig they certainly have to stop every so often because they’re finding new things.

Chris: Interesting and then your next stop after Brussels was Amsterdam.

Daniel: From Brussels, we took a train up to Amsterdam.

Chris: Ok.

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