Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium – Amateur Traveler Episode 98 Transcript

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Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium – Episode 98 Transcript

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Daniel: We had been to Amsterdam back in 2001 the first time that we went to Europe, my wife and I and other friends. So we sort of knew what to expect. It was in a way kind of like coming home because the first time that we arrived in Amsterdam, we had just come from England so Amsterdam was a very much a culture shock. This time is was the known place so we felt very comfortable going back to it. And knowing a few things, you know, what to expect in the city as far as transportation, the attitude of the people and things like that, then you know it made it easier to just fall into place in the city. Not to mention that is just one of the best cities in Europe so it’s just.

Chris: Ok, now why do you say that? What makes it the best for you?

Daniel: I feel that for Amsterdam especially in some ways because it is one of the places that most people just view as a party central. It really is just a fantastic cultural landmark. It has so much history. It’s seen so much of what is the history of Europe pretty much from medieval times or before up until the modern era. Some people usually just dismiss it as being only, you know, this place where pot is legal and there’s parties all the time. Which is certainly a part of it but not all of it.

Chris: And so if I’m going to Amsterdam for the first time, and I’ve been there actually once before, where would you recommend I go? Like I’ll go here and I’ll say

‘Yes, Daniel was right. This is one of the best cities in Europe.’

Daniel: There’s the Damrak, which is the main street coming off of the train station.

Kind of your usual main street but you get to see a little bit what makes Amsterdam Amsterdam. Everything from the tulips and the flowers and the wooden shoes and you know the naughty parts and everything like that and you get to the Dam Square. Where you get to the main central, the old dam used to be there, you know, for which Amsterdam takes it name. We went to the Anne Frank house, which is one of those locations that you certainly have to go. On our first trip we took an afternoon and spent it in the Vondelpark. We didn’t have a chance to do it this time but it certainly stood in our minds as some of the nicest time that we spent in the city because it’s just nice to just be relaxing along with the natives of the city where they go to relax. There’s of course the various museums: the Van Gogh Museum, there’s the Rembrandt Museum, the Heineken Experience. You just have to visit it as well.

Chris: The Heineken Experience?

Daniel: Yeah. It’s the old Heineken brewery in the middle of the city. They’ve actually moved it outside of the city but they’ve maintained that as a visitor center and it’s pretty cool. It’s kind of kitschy but, you know, you get free Heineken during the trip so

Chris: All right.

Daniel: It makes it all the worthwhile. And then we also visited the Spanish/Portuguese Synagogue, which was just a few streets away from our hotel over there.

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