Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium – Amateur Traveler Episode 98 Transcript

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Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium – Episode 98 Transcript

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Daniel: Yeah, we took a train.

Chris: And Brugge is one of my favorite cities in Europe so we’re going to slow down here a bit.

Daniel: You know what? That is exactly what you do when you arrive there. We took a train down into Brugge and boy what a surprise that was. That’s a town that you literally you want to just grab it, put it your pocket and take it with you wherever you go because it really delivers on what it promises. It’s this medieval gem just hidden. Not hidden, but it was for many years. It’s certainly been found by now. It is very much a touristy place but

Chris: Sure.

Daniel: You see what I like about Brugge is the fact that it is touristy but it doesn’t feel horribly touristy. It doesn’t feel like Disney World or anything like that. The people of Brugge have done a really good job of giving tourists all the information that they need and then just stepping back; letting them enjoy the city on their own. And that’s precisely what we did. We stayed in a B & B that we found on line and it was just the most amazing little place. It was kind of

Chris: Was it inside the historic center then? Or just outside?

Daniel: We were inside the actual historic center but we were, I think it was north of the city, I don’t quite recall the direction right now. But we were like a five-minute walk away from the square, which was close enough to walk, but not right there so we didn’t have all the touristy bustle on our street. And it was just fantastic. We had a couple that runs a store and a B&B all in the same building. So every morning we woke up to these humungous baskets of breads and fruits and chocolates and meats and cheeses and it was just fantastic.

Chris: And see that’s when I knew I was going to enjoy Belgium was when they offered me chocolate, or I think it was actually probably Nutella, which is a hazelnut spread to go on my croissants in the morning. I knew that this was going to be a place that I could enjoy.

Daniel: I love Nutella. I love that I can get it in Europe for so cheap.

Chris: For us, one of the reasons that I say Brugge stands out for me is you mentioned going to Amsterdam and being a little overwhelmed the first time. That was the very first place that we had stepped foot in in Europe and we were intimidated by it, I’d have to say at the time. I’m sure I would enjoy it much more now than I did then. So we didn’t spend much time there. We went off to Haarlem and up to Edam but then the next day we went to Brugge and that’s when I felt I was really in Europe. Because a lot of Amsterdam, I mean although it is a very beautiful city, but a lot of outside of Amsterdam when you are driving on the highway, it felt very similar. It didn’t fell that different from home.

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