Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium – Amateur Traveler Episode 98 Transcript

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Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium – Episode 98 Transcript

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Daniel: I can definitely understand what it is to be overwhelmed by Amsterdam the first time. It completely hit us over the head the first time. My god, we really wanted to just get back on the train and run back to England. It was like, “Oh my god this is home.”

Chris: I think for us we just allowed ourselves to be intimidated by its reputation. I don’t think we really gave Amsterdam a chance the very first time we were there.

Daniel: What happened for us, it was just the bustle and the people and the strange language even though most people speak English you know. It is just the Dutch and so many people and I was like uuuuhh. I can fully understand how going to Brugge would be just like a mental vacation; ohhh, yes, now I’m here.

Chris: Anything stand out about Brugge for you?

Daniel; You mean other than the whole city itself? Uuuhh. I’m telling you it’s just this fantastic place. There was the market square. It was a very nice place. The Grand Carillon was just amazing. We toyed with the idea of climbing the 300 and so steps up to the tower and then we decided against it because we were tired and so we just walked around and we went the Berg Square and to the Basilica of the Holy Blood. We didn’t get there in time to see the relic that supposedly houses a drop of blood of Christ. The church itself is a beautiful architectural masterpiece and it was nice to see it there. We also just walked around. We did a lot of walking around Brugge because the thing with the Benelux, sorry Netherlands and Belgium, in general, is they really don’t have this high concentration of “bang” world-renowned sites. The sites themselves are you know the cities themselves; the people and just walking around town and just getting that feel, that vibe. We did a lot of walking around in Brugge. We rented bikes and we kept them overnight and we went biking around town. We went to the windmills that are just outside of the city and picnicked all over the place. Fantastic.

Chris: Tell you what. You say you didn’t get to the top of the tower. We actually did so I’ll scan some of our old pictures. If you watch the iTunes enhanced version, I will have some pictures of what view you missed there. How’s that?

Daniel: That’ll be fantastic. That’ll be awesome.

Chris: Now for you, I got the impression that Brugge, though as much as I enjoyed it, wasn’t the highlight of the trip for you?

Daniel: You know we were actually kind of surprised by that when we returned. We were kind of comparing notes and then we suddenly realized that it was Delft actually that most stood out in our minds. Preciously because of what I said earlier that Brugge for all the beauty that it has, and it really is a beautiful place, it is a very touristy town. I mean you see the buses arrive in the morning, dump their hundreds and hundreds of tourists around, and in the evening they’re out of there.

You know, like it happens in many places around Europe. We enjoyed our time there and then we went up to Delft. Delft is like 15 minutes away from The Haage, 15 minutes away from Rotterdam so its sort of near to civilization but it’s like civilization just looked at it and said, “Yeah, you stay over there”. It was a fantastic little place. There was almost no one there. I mean there were all the locals and there were certainly tourists but I think if you put us, all the tourists there in one room, we would have had a very nice mixture with like 30 people that’s it. So we had a chance to just walk around town. Everybody was super nice because they didn’t have that rush of people just banging on them. We were able to sit down in cafes and just have some of the wonderful beers that were just the highlight of the area, that is Netherlands and Belgium. We haven’t talked about the Belgium beers.

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