Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium – Amateur Traveler Episode 98 Transcript

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Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium – Episode 98 Transcript

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Chris: What is a good Belgium beer? I’m not a beer drinker so I couldn’t tell you.

Daniel: You know I’m normally am not a beer drinker. I have a beer every so often. But every one that I tried over there, I liked. There was a really strong one called Delirium Tremens that really deserves the name. There is one called Kwak which is served in this cute little beaker looking glass and I have a picture that I can send you so you can put it on the feed. Just drink it and you have to be careful because you have to grab it by this wooden contraption and be careful that it doesn’t splash all over your face. There were a couple of triple beers which are like one beer, triple the strength, that are very nice but you need to nurse them, which is certainly what the Belgium’s do. There is a typical Belgium that goes and has one of these beers and they’re set for the night. But most of them just grab a beer and just sit down and talk and they talk and they talk and they nurse that and they’ll have another one and just stretch it throughout the night. It’s just a conversation lubricant. That’s it. The thing about Delft is that is was just all the charm of Brugge but none of the people.

Chris: Now, I had not really heard of Delft until I listened to your show recently about it and I’m sure a lot of people then like me weren’t aware of the historical significance of Delft. So if you could tell us a little bit about that that would be good.

Daniel: Sure. Most people will actually know of Delft by reputation if they know who Johannes Vermeer is and of course he was a painter of the very famous Girl With a Pearl Earring. Johannes Vermeer was one of the Dutch Masters. He certainly wasn’t acknowledged as a master during his lifetime, but few were. He lived in Delft. One of his friends was, and I’m going to butcher the name so sorry to all the Dutch speakers, Anton van Leeuwenhoek, and he was the inventor of the microscope and of the camera obscura. I don’t know if he was the inventor but he certainly improved on the camera obscura. There was Hugo de Goot who was a famous politician and he set up a lot of ideals that eventually led to greater political reforms and in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe so it certainly had a few important figures. It also was the seat for a while of the Royal House of Orange and of one of the important centers of the Dutch East India Trading Company. It was a very happening little place.

Chris: What stands out for Delft for you in terms of what to spend your time on there? Besides the Dutch beers which

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