Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria – Episode 207 Transcript

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Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria – Episode 207 Transcript

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Chris: Ok. And at the risk here of getting you home sick, when you picture your home, when you picture the Tyrol and you picture the most beautiful spot, where are you standing and what are you looking at?

Edith: I’m standing at a place called Oxenalm which is an alm area that the name translates that they put their oxen up there during the summer and it’s a teeny-tiny traditional alpine cottage that the shepards use. And it just fits into the landscape perfectly. Behind this little cottage, you have cows grazing and some sheep and then the scenery goes on and you have all the beautiful mountains and there might already be some early snow there and the sun just comes through some little clouds and just puts beautiful autumn light on the scenery. Now I’m homesick, thank you.

Chris: Sorry about that. As we go to wrap this up, and I was afraid that was going to happen, what warning you would give? You mentioned – Bring rain gear in the summer. We mentioned – Don’t drive your toboggan into a tree. Anything else we should know if we are going to the Tyrol?

Edith: Umm, anything else? Don’t go to Après-Ski, which is where you drink lot and then still have all the way down the slope. And something else, if there is a warning for avalanches, don’t ignore it. So many people each year think they can outrun an avalanche and they can’t. Avalanches often travel with like 100 mph. You can’t outrun an avalanche.

Chris: So if there is a warning for an avalanche, go someplace else, is really what you are saying?

Edith: Yeah. Don’t ignore warnings for avalanches. The people that put up the warning signs, they know their job.

Chris: Ok. I want you to finish this thought. You really know you’re in the Tyrol when what?

Edith: When you see beautiful countryside, but you’re still in a country that you can get all your modern amenities but you can at the same time get away from it all.

Chris: Ok. Any suggestions for best resources to plan a trip to the Tyrol?

Edith: Definitely use the Internet. If you use the guidebooks, what I found when I talked to friends who used the guidebooks, they say that the guidebooks focus too much on the bigger villages and the areas that are known by tourists already. So it’s better to just venture out and to go someplace that you’ve seen on a map. Go to the tourist office and ask how to take a bus to go there or where you have to go for the buses and just go there and explore on your own. And other than that, use the Internet.

Chris: And when you say, “use the Internet”, that’s rather a large place. Could we get a little more specific?

Edith: Oh, yeah. There are many places. If you just type in Tirol, but don’t write it with the “Y”, but an “I” instead.

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