Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria – Episode 207 Transcript

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Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria – Episode 207 Transcript

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Chris: Ok.

Edith: If not into skiing, not into winter sports at all, you can still do all the sightseeing in Innsbruck. It’s got tons to offer. You can go up the ski jump. You don’t have to jump down. You just go up there and enjoy the sight. You can view all the Alps and have a good look out over the city. You can go up the other side of the city and take the cable car and then a lift and a gondola up to more than 2000 meters altitude and the views from up there are just breathtaking even for somebody whose been born there and grown up. Whenever I go up, I even worked up on one of these huts and whenever I had a plate of good food to carry out and serve to people, I would just stop and look at the scenery. It’s just breathe taking.

Chris: Now you say “one of these huts”. I suspect that your ski areas might be a little different from mine, because I don’t have a hut in my mind. So can you describe what you’re talking about?

Edith: Yeah, as a tradition, we have alpine huts. So we have what we call the Alpenverein. It’s a club that is there for hikers and skiers. They have huts up there and it’s not a hut as you might think of it. It’s a sturdy building. It can be quite big. It sometimes has like 30 to 40 rooms to rent. It’s got restaurants and usually serves food and we often have the ski slopes right next to them. So that’s what I think of as a hut.

Chris: And we say “the ski slopes right next to them”, we’re at the bottom of the slope here or the top of the slope?

Edith: On top of the slope.

Chris: Ok. Interesting.

Edith: Or in the middle of the slope and you just ski to them and then have a beer probably or some mulled wine and then ski on a little more wobbly probably after the mulled wine.

Chris: Now, if they’re in the middle of the slope, I assuming I’m not skiing down the slope with my luggage if there are rooms to stay.

Edith: Oh, no you’re not. You could probably or you could take a toboggan.

Chris: I’m not that good of skier actually, I don’t think I could. It has been some time since I’ve been on skies. In the middle of the slope, then it would be just more of a rest stop, a place to have your mulled wine and to converse with people?

Edith: That would not be the hut but more probably like the usual rest stop. Some of them, which they built only in the past couple of years. And then you have the traditional, what we call, an alm. Which in the summer is used by farmers because they put their cattle up onto the high meadows to graze in the summer. And in the winter they often use the buildings to serve food to people that are skiing on the same slopes.

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