Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria – Episode 207 Transcript

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Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria – Episode 207 Transcript

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Chris: Oh, ok. Interesting.

Edith: This is something very traditional and of course with skiing being such a big industry, they have built huts that look like traditional alms but are far from being traditional. They are probably five years old. But tourists like them anyway. The natives know which ones are traditional and which ones are new.

Chris: And that’s ulm, U-L-M?

Edith: It’s A-L-M.

Chris: Oh. Ok. All right. Now I got you. So when we talk about a winter itinerary, Innsbruck is where you landed us first of all. Am I staying around Innsbruck? Should I venture further a field from there?

Edith: Usually if you come by plane, you will either land in Munich or Innsbruck. Innsbruck’s got a fairly sized airport for taking that Tyrol is pretty small.

Chris: Right.

Edith: Munich might be your cheaper option if you’re coming from the United States because Munich’s got direct flights. But sometimes you’ll get pretty good deals into Innsbruck as well.

Chris: Ok.

Edith: So you would probably get into Innsbruck at some point. Public transportation, generally speaking for the Tyrol, is excellent. So you don’t have to have a rental car. You can go anyplace with public transport. Even the tiniest little village has public transport going to it. If you come by train and then just take a bus, all the buses have extra transport boxes for the skis and all your skiing luggage. So if you want to have a rental car, there are many places you can rent a car from all the major rental companies. But public transport is really good and in times like these with global warming and all of that, we usually say you should take public transport and it is really reliable. It is on time. It’s almost as punctual as the German trains are supposed to be. It takes you all places.

Chris: Ok. Now I’m assuming that a lot of tourists are coming into Innsbruck. Where would you go if you were trying to avoid the tourists or where would you take your friends to go in Tyrol that’s a little more off the beaten path?

Edith: Well, I definitely would not go to the big ski resorts if I want to go off the beaten track. There is skiing almost everywhere. If you’re not looking for one of the huge areas, because you can go skiing some places are so big that you can ski for a week and not use the same slopes twice.

Chris: Oh my, ok.

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