Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria – Episode 207 Transcript

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Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria – Episode 207 Transcript

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Edith: So it’s gigantic and they sometimes link to other skiing resorts so you can spend an entire day skiing and end up in a different valley and then have to take the bus back. If you’re not an excellent skier like really, really excellent and you just want to practice and have a good time, you can go to one of the smaller skiing areas as well. And then just enjoy being out in the winter wonderland and just have a good time with friends and not boast that you have been to a place like ________ Kitzbuhel. Which are great places to go and ski, but if you want to be off the beaten track, they are not really the places to go.

Chris: Ok. You mentioned that if I wasn’t into skiing that there were still places to see sightseeing. What sort of sightseeing would you recommend in the Tyrol?

Edith: Generally speaking there is so much to see. Wherever you go, if you go to the tiny little villages and you come from a place, let’s say like the United States, you will find them picturesque. Oh, there’s so much culture and tradition and you can see it, you can feel it, you can breathe it. One thing that is special about my area I think is that it’s modern and at the same time very traditional and down to earth. And that you have people who go to school, like young kids with their iPods, and in the afternoon they come home from school, they go to their local traditional club and they dress up in their traditional costumes and practice for some traditional festivities.

Chris: Um. Interesting.

Edith: So this is very special I think and I’m really happy that tradition is still very strong and they could jump over this gap of either being modern or traditional and that we are both in a way. So if you want to see sights, like Innsbruck is very nice to walk through and if you come in what we call the advent, that is the time before Christmas, which would be from the first of December to Christmas Eve. We celebrate on the 24th.

Chris: My mother is of German descent so we celebrate on the 24th also.

Edith: Aah. That’s good. If you come in the advent, we have got lots of Christmas Markets. They are so nice. It’s usually pretty cold and you get your mulled wine, you get roasted chestnuts, dumplings. It’s just really, really nice. That’s what you can do after you’ve been sporting during the day or you’ve visited lots of the museums or the old buildings. There are a lot of castles. There’s the Hofburg in Innsbruck. Innsbruck was the seat of the emperor or the emperor had one of its management centers for its kingdom in Innsbruck.

Chris: And we’re talking about the Austrian-Hungry Empire?

Edith: Yes, but that was before the Hungarians were part of it, I think. As far as my history knowledge goes. Innsbruck used to be one of the centers for the empress. I think it was Kaiser Maximillian, so Emperor Max, and he enjoyed Innsbruck so much. We still have the buildings that were built for all the emperors there and it’s a majestic big building. And it is right in the city center of Innsbruck. Many tourists go there. It’s got fabulous halls and you can go right through where the emperor slept and you can see his room an you can see the halls where they had banquets and balls. You can still rent the halls actually if you have a wedding going on and you have too much money you can rent the halls.

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