Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria – Episode 207 Transcript

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Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria – Episode 207 Transcript

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Chris: That is unfortunately not my problem. And where would you recommend that we stay? I know you’re parents aren’t necessarily going to put me up when I come there. So is there a particular place you would recommend either for budget travelers or for higher end travelers?

Edith: Generally speaking you can find whatever you want to do. If you’re a budget traveler, you can go to one of the many youth hostels. So that’s really cheap and I think it would be around 15-20 euros including breakfast.

Chris: Ok.

Edith: But saying that, this is 15-20 euros in a hostel, you can also find private rooms, which are really nice, and friendly people en-suite with bathroom usually. And delicious breakfast of different kinds of cereal and freshly baked breads and what have you for about 25 to a maximum of 30 euros.

Chris: Ok.

Edith: So this is something to consider. Private rooms, of course, are most expensive as well the more service they offer or the bigger the rooms get. And if you want to go a little more high end, we have all the big chains in Innsbruck as well with four-star hotels and we have a five-star hotel as well.

Chris: And if I’m looking for a private room, am I just walking around town looking for some FY sign.

Edith: You can go to Tourist Information and ask them or look it up on the Internet before you go. Which you should definitely do in the wintertime and in the high season during summer because it might be a little harder to find rooms just coming into town and not yet having a place to stay, if you come in the high season.

Chris: And I am assuming we could home base in Innsbruck and get around fairly easily to anyplace else we are trying to get to,

Edith: Yes, because it’s never far. I think it’s just about 200 kms long. You can go to any place in the Tyrol within a day and just come back to Innsbruck. But in terms of itineraries, as we started talking about, I would probably spend a couple of days in Innsbruck, have a look at all the sights. And summer and winter, there’s a really good deal, I think, that I’ve even used being a native when I’ve had friends come over to visit me, is a thing called the Innsbruck Card. If gives you the chance, I think it’s around 30 euros, within 24 hours, you can visit as many museums and sights and what have you that you would like to visit. It also gives you free rides on the public transport. So this is something that if you spend 2 or 3 days in Innsbruck and then just have two days doing sightseeing, which you can do if the weather is not too good and that happens.

Chris: Sure. And when you say the museums. Do you have a favorite museum or two?

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