Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria – Episode 207 Transcript

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Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria – Episode 207 Transcript

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Edith: Yes, there is a museum or an exhibition actually in the Hofburg, which is the Emperor’s house. And it’s about why people are so crazy about hiking in the Alps. And they risk their lives and they still do it and why do they do it. Why do they want to be on top of a mountain? Why are they not just satisfied sitting in the valley and looking up? So this is a really nice exhibition. It’s made by the Alpenverein, this hiking club, the big one, the big organization. And another museum I really like is the Hofemuseum, which is the museum of traditional Austrian or Tyrolean farm buildings.

Chris: Ok.

Edith: It might sound a bit odd, but wherever they knew that there were farms and buildings that had to be demolished or …

Chris: They brought them into this one place.

Edith: They brought them into this one place and you can walk around and if you’re not from the area, you get the headset and they will tell you about the history of this building, where it is from and tell you about the architecture and how it has changed and what’s special about it. And especially people who are interested in agriculture and tradition and all of that, they might really enjoy it. And this museum also puts up a lot of traditional festivals. So where they’d have people come in – like music bands, dressed up in traditional clothing and they have this place of how people used to make cloth, for example, from different like natural materials and it’s really, really nice and hands-on and great for kids.

Chris: Ok. And when I come to the Tyrol or to Austria, what should I eat? What’s the traditional meal that I should not go without trying?

Edith: That’s a good question because people will probably tell you that it’s Wiener Schnitzel. Which I pronounce in English now. It’s Wiener Schnitzel in German.

But I had it so many times that having grown up there it’s like nothing special at all and it’s not one of my favorite dishes either. So I think you should definitely try Kaiserschmarn, which is a sweet dish. Oh, Austrians are known to have huge sweet dishes. We can eat sweets for main. Like Kaiserschmarn is in the restaurants you get it as a dessert but back home we had it as a main dish.

Chris: I know Wiener Schnitzel – we’re talking about a pounded veal cutlet. But I don’t know Kaiserschmarn.

Edith: Kaiserschmarn. It’s hard to describe, but the closest you can get is a pancake that’s been cut up and covered in powder sugar and it’s been fried just a little and it’s got raisins in it as well with some recipes, but you can always tell them not to make it with raisins. And some of the places put roasted nuts over it as well. It depends on where you buy it. But it’s a traditional meal. And it’s really, really good.

Chris: Ok.

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