Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria – Episode 207 Transcript

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Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria – Episode 207 Transcript

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just such a great feeling. You can get away from it all up there. Even though the valleys might be bustling with energy and trade and traffic. You go up into the mountains and it’s a different world. And you cross over the alpine pastures and you have the cows out there with their bells around their necks. And you go through areas that have been farmed traditionally for hundreds of years. And then you come up to the higher regions and you have the gorgeous panorama of the Alps in front of you and you walk to this hut and I admit it sometimes hiking up to these huts is exhausting. But once you get there, if you drink beer, you have a good cold beer. Half a liter of good Tyrolean beer in front of you and you have a traditional hardy meal that warms you up and nothing feels better than this.

Chris: And my understanding is if I don’t want to, for instance, backpack up there, am I wrong that there are also places where I can have my luggage sent to the next hut and then hike there myself less encumbered?

Edith: Yes there are.

Chris: Ok.

Edith: What you have to bear in mind as well is that if you hike from hut to hut, even if they do not offer this backpack transportation system, which many of the huts, especially the huts that are along one of the more famous multi-day treks, they usually all offer backpack transportation. But as you can sleep in the hut, you don’t have to bring your own sleeping bag, you don’t have to bring pots and pans and your food.

Chris: Just a change of clothes or toothbrush or something.

Edith: A daypack is usually fine.

Chris: Ok. And what is your favorite hike?

Edith: My favorite hike? My favorite hike is actually up Nochspitze because I can do that when I get back home from work. I just jump into my car, be in the car for like 10 minutes, and then get out of the car, run up the mountain. I usually run up the mountain. And be up on this mountain, look down on Innsbruck, because you can see Innsbruck from this valley and you see all the Alps all around you and the panorama is just absolutely breathtaking. And it just takes me an hour to get up to this mountain, which is I think is something above 2000. I can’t remember exactly. It’s just so great to be up there. If you’re fit, the entire thing just takes you three hours from the car, up the mountain top and back down again. You can just do it after work in the summer.

Chris: Ok. And then we said in the winter, we should come particularly in advent.

Edith: For all the Christmas markets.

Chris: Right.

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