Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria – Episode 207 Transcript

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Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria – Episode 207 Transcript

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Edith: The Advent is also the time you have to come for Christmas Market. Sometimes skiing is not that great at this time of year because the snow has not yet come. Sometimes it has come. Like this year it has been pretty early, my parents told me and they had like 1/2 meter of snow all ready.

Chris: So February or something might be better.

Edith: February, early March and January is definitely ski season.

Chris: And then if I want to come to hike, what’s the best time?

Edith: If you don’t want to hike up too high, it will be June because if you go up to the high mountain passes; they will still be covered in snow.

Chris: Sure.

Edith: So for the regular hiker, that would be something. But if you’re a professional, the glaciers are great for professional glacier hiking. But general hiking, I would say June, July, August and September because we have very nice autumn weather usually. That goes into October as well. And September and October, if you are traveling on a budget, are much cheaper already, but usually the weather is fine.

Chris: Ok.

Edith: So if you are traveling on a budget, that would be something. And winter, if you are not into skiing, you can go cross-country skiing or what I really love and what I always show all of my friends from all over is tobogganing or going down the mountain on a sleigh.

Chris: Oh, ok.

Edith: So you have these little toboggans and you pull them up to one of the little huts or Alm huts. You walk up the mountain for an hour or two hours and then you sit down, have a glass of wine or mulled wine or beer or whatever. Eat delicious food, have a chat with your friends and it’s really cozy in there. They usually have a log fire and it’s small and really, really nice. And once you have warmed up, you put your gloves on, your hat on, you go outside. Everything is white, covered in snow and crystal clear air. And then you go down a small slope on your toboggan for about 30 minutes. Like more-or-less all the way you walked up, you’re going downhill. And it’s really breathtaking and it’s pretty exciting as well because I took friends and they were like, “It’s not going to be really exciting – it’s just something she does.” And they loved it afterwards. They were hooked. And you go pretty fast like up to 30 mph, I would say, sometimes. You have to be careful, please – this is a warning – many people die each year because they get drunk and they run the toboggan into a tree, which you shouldn’t do because a tree is stronger. But it is so much fun and it is free. So if you are traveling on a budget, all you have to pay is the food in the alm, which is cheap too.

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