Travel to Venice and the Veneto in Italy – Amateur Traveler Episode 182 Transcript

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Travel to Venice and the Veneto in Italy - Amateur Traveler Episode 182 This is a transcript of an episode of the Amateur Traveler focusing on traveling to Venice and the Veneto in Italy.

Chris: Today the Amateur Traveler talks about canals, food and really puts you in touch with Shakespeare as we talk about Venice and the Veneto.

Welcome to the Amateur Traveler. I’m your host Chris Christensen. Before we get into this weeks interview, I do have three news stories for you.

The first one: if you’ve ever been to Four Corners, that part of the United States where you can put a hand or a foot in four different states at the same time, if you’ve ever had your picture taken there. Not so much. It turns out that a new survey has discovered that the spot you were at is 2.5 miles away from where it should be.

And then in airline news, United is one of several airlines that has quietly raised their change fees. Theirs have gone up to $150 a ticket. And I’ve also run into this week, Hawaiian with change fees of up to $200 a ticket when you change them and that was each way. So double check before you book, what the change fees are for your particular airline because that could cause some problems later on.

And the other thing that United did this week is they are clarifying their policy that if you are overweight, you will have to buy a second seat. They’re not going to pay the cost of that extra space you may have to take up and they don’t want that passenger next to you to pay the cost either. This is kind of a bad week to be overweight, as some stories also came out that being obese contributes to global warming. For links to those and other stories, check out the Show Notes at

I’d like to welcome to the show, Ira Bernstein from Dallas who’s come to talk to us about Venice and the surrounding area. Ira, welcome to the show.

Ira: Well, thank you. I’m happy to be on it. Long time listener.

Chris: Well, that’s always fun because for one thing you know the way this works. So I said Venice and the surrounding area because I wasn’t going to jump right into. What do we call that whole area?

Ira: It’s Veneto. And it’s a region, which corresponds in America to a state. So Tuscany is a region. Piedmonte is a region. Veneto is a region.

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