Travel to Venice and the Veneto in Italy – Amateur Traveler Episode 182 Transcript

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Travel to Venice and the Veneto in Italy – Episode 98 Transcript

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Chris: One is shiny and one is not.

Ira: I mean, if you are into shiny metal breasts, you can go at it and not have any problems.

Chris: And I’m going to guess this brings you good luck?

Ira: Yeah, it brings you good luck. Good luck in Italy is defined as getting back and spending some more money next year.

Chris: Oh, ok. So this is like throwing a coin in the Trevi fountain in Rome here.

Ira: Yeah, every place has got someplace you can donate an Italian coin because what the heck, an Italian coin, how much is it worth? Some of them actually float by the way, I heard.

Chris: I have not heard that.

Ira: They had an old one-lira coin, which was worth some infratismal fraction of a penny. Apparently it floated. I never saw one so I can’t vouch for it.

Chris: As we go to start to wind this down, what’s the best day you had in Venice or in the region?

Ira: Well, I’m going to be very tacky and simply say, “Any day I had in the region or Venice.” Probably the single best thing would either be the trip to the ghetto, not that I’m into masochism that much, but for its history. I love to know about history and always find paradoxes interesting because it was Napoleon who threw down the gates to the ghetto and that doesn’t make him very popular there. They thought he was an interloper. Or the trip to the University in Padua. That was magnificent.

Chris: Ok. You really know you’re in Venice when —-what?

Ira: When you step outside of the train station. That was easy. Oh, let me mention one other thing about food. Be very careful when you read American reviews about Italian restaurants. Please approach Italian food the way an Italian would. I mean the very simple thing is we’re used to seeing ads for pizza places that have 19 toppings. You go to an Italian pizza restaurant and at most you’ll have one and in some places you won’t even have that. You’ll have the margarita or the marinara, which really has no topping other than the sauce or in the case of the Margarita, the cheese. A place had been recommended not in Venice but it had gotten all sorts of fabulous reviews and it was every Americans image of an Italian restaurant, but it wasn’t any Italians view of an Italian restaurant.

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